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OÜ Võlaabi was established in 2005. Our law office provides flexible and client-oriented legal services advising on different aspects of law in order to eliminate the client’s problems with the debitors/creditors, documentation drafting and possible legal claims.

Our services cover representation in court and out of it, dispute resolution, contarct law, corporate law, labour law, family law, etc.

We offer a full range of legal services to the private individuals and the companies who experience difficulties in paying their debts to the creditors, due to which the rise of the interests and penalties might lead to the client’s insolvency.

Our office also provides the fixed-fee service (so called „lawyer’s service“). Such a service allows the client to delegate all the arising issues with the creditors to OÜ Võlaabi. In such a case we represent the client in all kinds of judical proceeding concerning debt restructuring (ex. the application, transformation of claims and negotiations with creditors, etc).

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