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Legal aid

70 EUR per hour, excluding VAT 20%

Representation in court

70 EUR per hour, excluding VAT 20%

Consultation on debt restructuring (private persons) (no time limit)

40 EUR, excluding VAT 20%

Liqudation of companies

280 - 560 EUR, excluding VAT 20%

Insolvency proceedings and consultations

70 EUR tund, excluding VAT 20%


30 EUR (including VAT 20%)

Debt collection

fixed fee (between 5-35% of the sum of the debt) depending on the sum and age of the debt

Expedited procedure in matters of payment order

70 EUR per, excluding VAT 20% (fixed fee if more than 3 matters)

Statement of claim in civil court

140 - 560 EUR,  excluding VAT 20%, depending on the matter and time spent

Urgent matters (during 48 hours)

plus 50% to the tariff